Adetokunbo Odunaiya
2 min readJan 19, 2021


My romance with Chess Nigeria Online (CNO) began in July 2016 when I got involved with the admin team that organized online tournaments on both and The team included my brother Dr. Victor Odunaiya and other chess players whom will name later in the document.

As time went on the team began to focus on tourneys mainly on lichess as they had a free playing platform that was user-friendly and made it easy for us to organize prized tournaments.

In 2019 I began to flirt with the idea of creating our own tokens that be used as prizes for tournaments or personal challenges or duels which could be later exchanged for money/currency.

In 2020, I started to invest in cryptocurrency and decide that it was about time we realized the dream of having our own crypto coin/token. I share the idea with a few of my friends within the community, and it wasn’t long before Toyosi Bakare informed me that he was a blockchain developer and could help with the project.

The Vision

My main vision was to create a platform where our online chess community can play tournaments, individual duels, and be rewarded for it using cryptocurrency coins/tokens.


We know that life is more than just a game, and some of our acquired skills will be needed to see us through the challenges of life. Our vision is that we will have a reach beyond the game and provide the opportunity for members/ or other token holders who need financial assistance on or short loan to deal with a family or social emergency to borrow such. with as little APR% as possible.


1. David Odunaiya — CEO

2. Toyosi Bakare — Blockchain Developer

3. Samsom Ofubu — Marketing Director

4. Olajide Olayemi — Publicity Director

5. Esther Adams — Community Moderate

6. Douglas Okojie — Legal Advisor

7. David Muwanguzi — Wallet Manager